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Kurt Sutter is an American screenwriter and actor who is very well known for his work on the hit television show “Sons of Anarchy”. He is currently 58 years old and has a net worth of $90 million. He was born in New Jersey and grew up with two older sisters. After graduating from Roselle Catholic High School, he moved to New York City and studied at Livingston College, part of Rutgers University, where he earned a BA in mass media. Afterwards, he worked in the theatre and later attended the Conservatory of Gately and Poole.

Sutter has several sources of income. He is an executive producer, writer, and director. He also has two comic book series that have earned him a lot of money. In addition to writing and directing television shows, he is also an animal rights activist and a vegan. As an animal rights activist, he has been vocal about his beliefs and supports animal rights.

In addition to film directing, Sutter also produces, writes, and directs two television series. His most successful work is on the drama “Sons of Anarchy.” He has written and directed six episodes of the popular television show and has appeared in 13 episodes as a gang member. Sutter’s efforts have earned him different awards and promotions throughout his career. He has been nominated for several Primetime Emmy Awards and has received the ASCAP Film and Television Music Award for his work on the show.

Sutter started his career as a screenwriter in 2002. He co-wrote a number of episodes of the first season of “The Shield” and was promoted to “story editor” in 2003. He wrote the episodes “Dead Soldiers” and “Scar Tissue” with Scott Rosenbaum. After a second season, Sutter joined the show as a junior co-producer and executive producer.

Sutter is a New Jersey native who has earned a net worth of $10 million. He has a growing family and has earned several awards and honors. His career as a writer and actor has helped him build his net worth. He earned the ASCAP Film and Television Music Award for his work on “Sons of Anarchy”.

Sutter is a prolific writer with TV and film credits. His latest projects include a comic book miniseries. He will also star in the 2020 science fiction movie “Chaos Walking.” He has several other projects in the works. He will also produce and direct a number of films.

Sutter is married to actress Katey Sagal. The couple lives in Los Feliz, California. They have a daughter, Esme Louise, born on January 10, 2007. Sutter is a vegan and animal rights activist. He is also an avid motorcyclist.

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