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She was born in Sarasota, Florida on November 16, 1984. Tracy Allen began her career performing while she was in high school, with the encouragement of fellow comic Thomas Nichols. She quickly gained a reputation with audiences and peers, and soon earned feature opportunities. She credits her early success to sheer luck. However, she isn’t the only comic with a bright future. Her fast-paced and relaxed stage presence has won her praise from fans and established her deserved reputation in the Dallas comedy scene.


In 2011, Allen began making vlogs and began appearing on popular comedy tv shows. She also appeared in the movie David Makes Man 2019. In addition to her acting career, she is also the founder of Serenity Bags & All, a donation-related website. She also collects donations for the non-profit group. Her family history is not known, although she claims to be a single mother.

The YouTube channel is the primary source of Latrese Allen’s income. She uses the video hosting site to generate money from brand endorsements and social media presence. Her videos garner an average of $2,000 a month. In addition, she uses her Twitter account to raise money for charity, and her Facebook page is a hub for her other ventures. This allows her to make a full-time income, as well as support her family and charitable organizations.

Her YouTube channel has been gaining more than one million subscribers. The vlog channel also boasts many popular videos. Latrese Allen is a talented motivational speaker with a very high net worth. She’s reportedly also got paid to speak at events, so her net worth has grown tremendously. If you’re looking for an idea on how to increase your net worth, consider checking out Latrese Allen’s channel.


In addition to her YouTube channel, she owns a company called Serenity Bags & All. The company’s products have become a hit. Allen’s net worth has been growing in recent years.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Latrese has a large following on Facebook, which is likely one of her main sources of income. Her YouTube page has a large fan base, and her net worth is estimated according to that. However, there is no way to be sure about her income from Facebook. But she has been successful in earning a good living through her work and has a healthy net worth. We can only speculate about her Instagram income in the meantime.


Despite the lack of public appearances, Latrese Allen earns a steady income through her online skits. Her YouTube channel has attracted nearly one million subscribers. Since 2013, she’s posted videos to the website. The videos have received twelve million views, but that isn’t enough to earn huge amounts of ad revenue. Instead, she has gotten a substantial amount of money by simply liking posts on social media.

Personal life

While her net worth is substantial, her personal life has had its share of drama. The alleged sexual abuse and assault of her son Courtney has divided fans. Courtney’s mother, Latrese Allen, publicly claimed that she abused her son when he was a child. While Latrese Allen has denied this, the feud has continued on the Internet. 


One of the most popular and successful YouTube stars in recent years, Latrese Allen has amassed a significant fortune. The actress, who is also a mother, has 1.4 million Facebook fans and is promoting several clothing brands. Although Allen has changed her Facebook page multiple times, she has not specified any problems or brand deals. Allen also regularly shares the content of her skits, which are watched by thousands of her fans.

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