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The net worth of Lea Kyle is $1 million. Kyle began her interest in magic when she was young. She was fascinated by the quick transformations that magicians could pull off. In addition to performing on stage, Kyle worked as a beautician. Her interest in magic grew stronger when she met her magician boyfriend, Florian Sainvet. The two decided to work together and create a quick-change act. Kyle has also appeared on TV shows such as France’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

Kyle’s love for magic began when she was just seven years old. She and her magician friend Florian Sainvet were finalists in France’s Got Talent and were awarded the first prize. Lea Kyle started performing at magic competitions and won numerous awards. She also won the Pierre Brahma prize at the FFAP 2019 Congress. Her career has since taken off, and she is now estimated to be worth between $4 million and $5 million USD.

The French magician is known for her quick-changing tricks. Her popularity grew when she appeared on America’s Got Talent Season 16. She also went on to make her debut in the popular Tv show Penn and Teller: Fool Us. This performance garnered over eleven million views on YouTube, and she received positive comments from her fans.

The magic competitions Kyle has participated in have earned her a FU trophy and the coveted Mandrake d’Or. She has appeared in several shows, including M6’s Show La France. Her amazing audition on June 30th, 2021, earned her a Golden Buzzer from the judges. The three judges gave her a standing ovation.

Kyle is a French magician who is very famous for her quick-change tricks. She is a talented quick-change artist and has appeared on several TV shows. She has also become an Instagram star. She has also worked as a beautician. Despite her busy schedule, she finds time for her passions.

Lea Kyle was born in 1996. She was raised in Bordeaux and started to take interest in magic when she was seven. She also has an interest in fashion and photography. Her first magic contest was in 2018. After winning, she was able to become a professional magician. Her life story and educational background remain private.

Before launching her career in magic, Lea was a beautician. She used her talent and her passion for fashion to become a successful performer. She also attended classes in Haute Couture fashion. She spends a lot of time designing her outfits. Her fans can contact her via her official website.

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