lemuel plummer net worth 2022

Lemuel Plummer is an American producer and entrepreneur who was born on April 10, 1986. He is currently the president and CEO of Zeus Network, which streams subscription programming created by top influencers. He has been involved in a number of projects, including producing a number of movies.

As of 2022, Plummer is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million USD. He is currently an executive producer of the reality television show ‘The Westbrooks.’ He is married to Janeisha John. His net worth is estimated to increase by another $5 million in the coming years.

The entrepreneur has been involved in pitching television series to major networks, including Oxygen. He has also created his own television network, focusing on shows that he feels will connect with his audience. The network has been growing in popularity and has become popular among fans.

Lemuel Olenn Plummer has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube. His net worth will likely increase in the next several years, as he continues to increase his online presence. He has a wide range of interests, including reading, photography, and learning. He also enjoys traveling and surfing the web.

Lemuel Olenn Plummer is a black American professional entrepreneur and a passionate technology enthusiast. He has built three giant television stations, including a premium network called Zeus. He has also become a member of several charitable organizations, including the Lemuel Plummer Foundation, which provides financial aid to disadvantaged youth.

In 2018, Plummer launched his own streaming network, Zeus Network, which is home to many popular reality television shows. The network empowers its talent through collaboration and creative control. He comes from a television station family, so he developed his television production skills through firsthand experience. His net worth will grow in the coming years as he spearheads the new era of reality television.

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