leticia bufoni net worth

Leticia Bufoni is a professional skateboarder and is currently signed to the Nike SB. She became the first female skater to sign with the company. In addition to skating, Bufoni has been active on the acting front. She has appeared in several movies and short videos.

In 2007, Bufoni won an invitation to compete in the X Games. She flew to LA with her father, who paid for their airfare and expenses. Even though her father was apprehensive, the eight-place finish in an X Games street event gave Bufoni a taste of her future. After weeks of cajoling, her father relented. The family returned to Brazil, and Bufoni moved to Los Angeles on her own. She was helped by LA-based Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Negrao.

Bufoni has a huge Instagram following and is sponsored by many well-known companies. Her net worth is estimated to be between $100K and $1M. Despite the high net worth, Bufoni has been working hard to make it big. She’s had to fight to become a famous skateboarder, and her father made it difficult for her to pursue it. In her career, Bufoni has won multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals. She’s also the reigning champion of the Women’s Skateboard Championship.

Bufoni’s success started when she was just twelve years old. At that time, she was the only female competitor in local skateboarding competitions. As she grew older, her father encouraged her to compete more and signed her up for more competitions. This helped her earn her first sponsor deal. At fourteen years old, she left school to focus on skating full-time.

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