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Lexi Brumback is a famous American cheerleader and television personality. She became a national sensation after her appearance in the Netflix documentary Cheer. Brumback is also popular for her tumbling dexterities. Currently, she is dating transgender man Dominic Green.

She first started training in acrobatics as a child. She also began cheerleading in high school. She was chosen to represent her school in the Netflix docuseries Cheer. Later, she was dismissed from the team because of her violent behavior and drug addiction. She moved back home to Navarro, where she lives with her boyfriend Dominic Green. They have been dating for almost five years.

Lexi Brumback has numerous sources of income. Her net worth is estimated at between $100 000 and $200 thousand. However, despite her wealth, she has not given much thought to the critics. Instead, she prefers to focus on positivity. It is clear that her net worth is high, even at a young age.

Despite her success in vlogging, Lexi Brumback hasn’t publicly disclosed how much she earns. She is said to earn between $2601 and $4335 per month. In addition, she is also active on social media such as Instagram, where she receives sponsorship revenue from advertisers who pay a certain fee for every post. In addition, Brumback is in good physical shape, which helps her to maintain her net worth.

In addition to her fame on the internet, Lexi Brumback has a large fan base on her Instagram account. She has over seven hundred thousand followers and has posted over two hundred photos. She also has a verified account. With these social media accounts, Lexi Brumback has managed to gain international fame.

Lexi Brumback was born on January 5th, 2000 in the United States. She is an American citizen and is of white ethnicity. Her family practices Christianity. She is currently pursuing her college studies. It is not known whether she has a husband or a child.

In addition to cheerleading, Brumback is also a skilled tumbling competitor. During competitions, her talent was recognized by Monica Aldama, who gave her a scholarship. She later rejoined the cheer squad. She has also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Lexi Brumback has earned a large amount of money online. She has a strong fan base on social media and earns a lot of sponsorships through her YouTube channel. She has a following of over eight hundred thousand on Instagram. She has an active YouTube channel with more than five thousand subscribers.

Lexi Brumback’s net worth is estimated at $500 thousand. She has appeared on several television shows and has been a featured guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and has been a part of Cheer. This docuseries reflects the lives of cheerleaders and their hard work.

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