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Light Skin Keisha is a popular singer from the United States. She is the daughter of a businessman and a housewife. After getting her higher education, she began writing raps. Later, she worked for the Apple Bees and Metro PCS. Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million USD.

Although LightSkinKeisha did not reveal her real name, her moniker was taken from a 1998 film called “Belly.” She has African-American ancestry and is a songwriter and singer. She has also worked for various companies including Metro PCS, Apple Bees, and TOPGOLF.

Keisha was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and was raised by a single mother. She is a member of the American nationalities and is a member of the Christian faith. She has five music albums and is signed to an endorsement deal with Savage X Fenty. She is an active online personality and has a massive following on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Light Skin Keisha was born on 4 September 1994. She is now twenty-one years old, and she is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. She was raised by her single mother, who has supported her career as a performer. In high school, she became involved with cheerleading. Unfortunately, she was bullied for her crooked teeth, and she eventually had to have braces. This is what made her famous.

While Keisha has not released her salary, she is estimated to earn between $1 million and $5 million as a rapper and social media star. Her net worth is unknown, but she continues to maintain a modest lifestyle. Light Skin Keisha has become a popular social media influencer, and her self-titled YouTube channel has over 260k subscribers.

Keisha was born on 4 September 1994 and raised in Atlanta. She attended a local high school and went on to study at a nearby private college. She has also pursued a career as a singer. At a young age, she was involved in music and started her online career.

While Light Skin Keisha has not revealed her salary details, her net worth is estimated to be between US$ 1 million and $5 million. Her liquid wealth is made up of all her assets and income. She maintains several accounts on social media, including her personal Instagram. The singer has over 989 million followers on Instagram.

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