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Michael Madigan is an Illinois State House speaker who retired in 2013. He served for more than two decades as a powerful politician. In the recent past, Madigan has been implicated in a corrupt racketeering and bribery scheme involving nearly $3 million. Madigan is the most prominent politician entangled in the scandal, which is part of a federal investigation into entrenched government corruption in the state of Illinois.

As a lawyer, Madigan earned a large part of his wealth through his political career. As a result, his net worth is estimated at around $2 million. In addition to his impressive salary, Madigan has also been instrumental in securing favorable tax policies for his clients, increasing the value of his personal property.

Michael Madigan has also built a successful political career and other financial ventures, which have helped him build a considerable net worth. Although he has kept his private life a secret, Madigan is considered a wealthy man with multiple assets. He has been a successful lawyer and politician, and is currently the longest serving Speaker of the Illinois State Assembly.

Madigan began his performing career when he was 11 years old. His mother, Scarlett Antonia, was a dancer. Together, they formed a troupe called the Young Performers, which toured the Denver and Colorado Springs area for two years. The troupe was also a member of the Music Theater of the Rockies in Colorado Springs.

Michael J. Madigan is an Illinois congressman and is married. His net worth is estimated at about $8 million. Madigan has no children but he has a very successful political career. Madigan is a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, and the leader of the Democratic Party.

Madigan has worked hard to build his net worth over the years. He pushed for his agenda in politics despite the opposition. During his tenure as House speaker, he worked hard to lower property taxes for his clients. The Democrat-controlled legislature in Illinois was not able to block him from achieving his political goals. Madigan also served as the state’s attorney general for seven years.

Madigan has spent nearly $445,000 on legal fees in 2019. His spending was to settle a lawsuit with a former campaign worker. Most of the money went to her, and the remainder went to Madigan’s attorneys. He spent $400,000 of campaign funds on hiring a legal team.

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