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Mike Patey is a professional pilot with a net worth of $1.5 million. He started his career flying for the military and flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the military, he became a commercial airline pilot. This has contributed to his net worth. He also charters flights for various companies.

Mike Patey’s net worth is undoubtedly inflated considering his varied talents. Besides being a YouTube sensation, he is also an aircraft creator, entrepreneur, and social media figure. He is a popular aviator and has built numerous airplanes and other aircrafts. His love for machinery and aircraft began when he was just 15 years old. He was so interested in building things that he was able to hire 200 people within a couple of years. He also enjoys testing automobiles and frequently performs tests on his vehicles.

Mike Patey’s net worth is estimated to be between $50,000 and $150,000. He is married to Chandra Brooks Patey and has four children. His wife often appears in his YouTube videos. Mike Patey has a large amount of online fans. His Instagram account is home to over 82,500 followers, which allows him to earn money through sponsored posts. His latest 15 posts have a 7.94% engagement rate, which translates into earnings of $336 – $560 per post.

Mike Patey was born in Gresham, Oregon. His parents had eleven children, and he was the third son. His childhood was filled with love and care from his parents. This has likely played a significant role in his success. Although Patey has not disclosed the details of his education, it seems that he was well-educated and a great pilot.

Mike and his wife own several businesses. He is the inventor of GripLock Ties, which are rubber-lined zip ties. Mike also owns a company called Trike Industries, which manufactures airplanes for extreme sports. He also gives his time to local search and rescue missions.

Patey’s non-soccer interests include his involvement with loan brokerage businesses, car dealerships, and an adventure park. In these ventures, he is the minority shareholder and sometimes serves as a public relations guru. He is currently traveling through France. Although his role as a figurehead is not as prominent as his career in soccer, his involvement with the Herediano venture is not considered typical.

Patey’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million, which includes several companies he started. In his early years, he started discount retail stores that sold motorhomes and pool tables. Later, he started UROC, a company that promoted off-road events. The company’s success eventually led to a regular show on ESPN.

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