mike silva’s net worth

Mike Silva, the father of twins, is a businessman from Connecticut. He has a large net worth thanks to his successful business interests. He earns about $237,880 per year as the chairman of a Chinese engineering firm. Silva splits his time between China and the US and also owns a production company with his daughters.

Silva has worked in the film industry since his childhood. He produced the 2013 comedy “White T” alongside Jamal Mixon and Jerod. His company, Eleventh Entertainment, also produced the horror film Soul Ties. The movie earned over $500 million worldwide. Silva’s family is also a significant source of his net worth.

Mike Silva has a very active social media presence. He has an Instagram account and regularly posts pictures of his family. The Silva family is close and the twins rely on their father for guidance. Silva has been around for his family through thick and thin. His daughter Darcey and son-in-law Stacey both had successful careers and live in the house he bought them.

Silva’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. The actor is successful in many areas, including his production company and other business ventures. His diversified income has helped him amass a wide portfolio and allows him to live a lavish life. Silva’s net worth is a good indicator of his success in a variety of fields.

Mike Silva is a businessman with several years of experience. His net worth is estimated to be $10 million. His net worth is the product of his successful business endeavors, such as his involvement with Worley Parsons, a Chinese engineering company. He earns an average of $237,880 a year from his various business ventures. Mike Silva’s net worth is growing rapidly, thanks to his business endeavors.

The Silvas have three children. Their son, Michael Silva II, died of cancer in 1998, and his daughter, Darcey Silva, is an entrepreneur, actress, and television personality. He and Darcey Silva have made several movies together. The Silvas co-founded Eleventh Entertainment, a production company where they both work. The Silvas live in a house in Connecticut.

The Silva twins have their own clothing line, House of 11. The company has a celebrity following, and several celebrities have worn the clothing line. Nicki Minaj and Demi Lovato have been spotted wearing House of 11 clothing. The Silvas also own a production company called Eleventh Entertainment, which produced the 2013 comedy White T.

The Silvas have a combined net worth of $6 million. Darcey Silva is a reality television star, and Stacey Silva is an influencer on social media. Together, they have their own spin-off show. The Silvas are also parents to twins.

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