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Mike Stud is a famous hip hop artist and is worth a reported $600k. He was born in Cranston, Rhode Island, in 1988. He was a baseball player in college and later became famous for his hip-hop music. His music is popular on YouTube and has garnered over 35 million views. He is 33 years old and currently lives in Los Angeles.

In 2013, Mike Stud released his first studio album “Relief,” which peaked at number 40 on the Billboard Hot 200. Within a matter of two weeks, the album sold over 9 million copies. The popularity of this album has helped Mike Stud grow his net worth. The artist is active on social media and has over 75,000 fans on Facebook. He also has 190k followers on Twitter, and his videos have over 35 million views on YouTube.

The rapper has also been known for his sexy music videos, which usually involve hooking up with celebrity ladies. His current girlfriend is Josie Canseco, daughter of baseball legend Jose Canseco. He has no children from previous relationships. Despite his success as a singer, Mike Stud has never been married.

As a recovering athlete, Stud turned to music for comfort. He released his first music video in 2010 called “College Humor.” The song, written by Stud as a joke for his baseball teammates, went on to garner more than 2 million views. He followed this up with his first mix tape, “In His Life,” in 2011. Since then, Stud has continued to release his first album, “Relief,” in 2013. His music career has continued to grow and he is now working with many labels.

Mike Stud is a popular American hip-hop recording artist. He rose to fame with the single “College Humor,” and has since released several mixtapes and albums. His rise to fame has been facilitated by social media. One of his songs has over 35 million YouTube views.

Mike Stud is not a Grammy-winning artist, but his success in the hip-hop music industry has earned him a considerable net worth. He has several albums and mix tapes to his credit and has a loyal fan base. As a result, his net worth is expected to increase to $1.6 million or more by 2022.

In addition to his music career, Mike Stud has a successful personal life. He is a good-looking man who has been in a relationship with glamour model Josie Canseco. The two were together for four years and broke up in 2019. He was faithful to his girlfriend, but there has been no indication that he is gay.

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