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Mila Malenkov is an American-Polish Youtuber and social media influencer with over 50,000 followers. She specializes in writing reviews for lingerie and active apparel and shares them on her channel. Born and raised in Poland, she has lived in Australia and Thailand, but now resides in Miami, Florida. Her net worth is currently unknown.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Mila Malenkov earns a significant amount of money from her Youtube channel, Instagram, and modeling gigs. She is unmarried and has no children, but she has a large fan base online. Her net worth is estimated to reach $2 million in 2022.

Mila Malenkov’s net worth is unclear due to her non-public relationships and a modest public profile. She is very private and prefers to keep her personal life private, so there aren’t many details on her relationship status. However, she does have a significant fan following on social media, which is one of the primary reasons she is able to keep her assets relatively high.

Mila Melenkov’s net worth has been increasing steadily since she began making videos on YouTube in 2012. She has since moved to Thailand, Australia, and Miami Florida, where she has gained a following among young women. In addition to YouTube, she has an Instagram account with more than 95 thousand followers.

Mila Malenkov’s net worth is impressive. She is a well-known fitness instructor who has become a popular YouTube star with her yoga tutorials. She has many profiles, including yoga, fitness, and lifestyle. Malenkov grew up in Poland and relocated to Thailand in 2012. She currently resides in Miami, Florida, USA.

Malenkov started her career as a certified yoga trainer and quickly rose to fame, creating a YouTube channel with over 350k subscribers in 2021. She expanded her brand by creating workout guides, fashion reviews, and more, and has since built a lasting reputation that extends beyond the realm of social media. She continues to launch new classes on Instagram and YouTube, and she collaborates with leading brands online and offline. As a certified Yoga teacher, she shares her expertise through her videos and teaches yoga classes online.

In addition to creating videos and writing for YouTube, Milamalenkov is an influencer on Instagram. She posts pictures of her business casual clothes and links to clothing stores. Her Instagram account also features a link to her online entertainment accounts. Her Instagram followers are highly engaged, and her videos are highly rated.

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