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During his military career, Navy SEAL Bill Ballen was injured during an attack in Afghanistan. He was rescued by a medic unit, but went deaf and blind afterwards. Ballen was able to raise money through social media, and eventually retired from the Navy in 2017.

Ballen is the son of Scott and Jessie Thuma, and grew up in Wollaston, Quincy, in the United States. He is married to Amanda Ballen, and the couple has three children. Currently, MrBallen is a popular YouTuber. He has over 7 million followers on TikTok, and his YouTube channel has over 920 million views. He also has an audio-only podcast, which can be heard on iTunes and Spotify. He has also co-founded two nonprofit organizations to help veterans and those who have been affected by a tragedy.

MrBallen is a former Navy SEAL who has been injured in an explosion during his deployment. He joined the Navy in December 2010 and was stationed in Virginia Beach for five years. He was deployed to South America and Afghanistan in 2014, and was injured in a grenade explosion while on deployment. He was saved by a medic unit, and he publicly thanked the team for keeping him alive. After his injuries, Ballen made a decision to leave the Navy.

He met Amanda during his college years, and they married in 2006. They have three children. In 2010, Ballen earned a minor in English. He also attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He studied for one semester before failing. In the following semester, he got his act together and went on to earn a bachelor of arts in Philosophy. He then returned to Amherst to continue his studies.

In January of 2021, MrBallen started a second YouTube channel. The new channel features shorter stories, and he hopes to go even further. In addition, MrBallen plans to merge audio and video operations. This will help him to earn more money. He will also continue to upload a new story each week to his YouTube channel.

MrBallen’s YouTube channel currently has over 5.42 million subscribers. His podcast, which is still audio-only, has 7 million downloads per month. MrBallen has a total of 260 videos on his YouTube channel. He plans to make a total of $50 million by 2020. He may be earning more than that through sponsored ads, merchandise, or other sources. He also has a second channel in Spanish.

MrBallen also has an official website. It features merch for sale, and his official blog. He also hosts a podcast called “Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories.” You can hear MrBallen’s podcast on iTunes and Spotify. He is also active on social media, and his videos have been featured on a variety of other platforms, including Tumblr and Twitter. He has a large following on YouTube and his videos are popular with a spookier audience.

MrBallen has become popular for his true crime case videos. He has a fan base of over 4 million subscribers, and his YouTube channel has a total of 1.1 billion views. He has two nonprofit organizations that help veterans and those who have been affected by violent crimes. He also co-founded the Operators Association in Dallas, Texas. He is a big advocate for teen health.

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