murillo twins net worth

The Murillo Twins are two Mexican girls who are wildly popular on social media and YouTube. They are currently attending college in the US. Despite being young, they have a large net worth and huge influence. They are famous for their similar looks and love of fashion. They were born on March 1, 1995 in Mexico. They have a YouTube channel and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from the channel.

The Murillo Twins are extremely popular YouTube stars with over 500 thousand subscribers. They also have a successful fashion and beauty business. Their brand Twinning is sold at major retailers in the US. The Murillo Twins’ net worth is estimated based on advertising revenue generated by their videos.

Briana Murillo, one half of the famous Murillo Twins, has a net worth that ranges from $1 million to $5 million. They both have very successful YouTube channels and are well-known for their beauty tutorials. They also upload travel vlogs. The Murillo Twins have a huge fan following on social media.

Briana Murillo has an enormous Instagram following, while her twin sister, Brittany Murillo, has a massive YouTube channel. The two are also very close. They started dating in February 2016 and have a son in December 2016. The two girls have not revealed their previous relationships or education. They will turn 27 in March 2023. They have over 320,000 followers on their Instagram accounts.

Briana Murillo’s net worth is estimated at half a million dollars per year. She is a popular makeup artist and has a very high engagement rate on social media. Her success has made her eligible for numerous brand endorsements. She also has her own athletic apparel line. She has a YouTube channel where she posts her videos.

Briana Murillo has a massive Instagram following and YouTube channel with her twin sister Brittany. They started dating in February 2016 and have a baby boy named Evian. Briana Murillo will turn 27 in March 2023. Her Instagram and YouTube presence have made her a highly successful star in social media.

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