Myron Gaines Net Worth

Myron Gaines is a successful fitness coach who has made his net worth from his popular YouTube videos. His YouTube channel has over one million subscribers and he has a large social media following. He earns money from sponsored content and various endorsement deals. In addition, he owns a clothing line.

Myron Gaines Fame

Despite his fame, Myron Gaines has had trouble maintaining a low profile. He has been criticized on social media and received death threats for his controversial content. He has also been banned on the video sharing site TikTok several times. He also receives negative comments and videos on a daily basis.

Myron Gaines Net Worth

Myron Gaines has a net worth of approximately $26 million. He is a fitness trainer based in Miami. He is also the host of the Fresh and Fit Podcast. His TikTok videos were controversial, but he still has an impressive following of 389k subscribers.

In a recent episode of his podcast Fresh and Fit, Gaines addressed the topic of racism and his own personal experiences as a black athlete. While his net worth is low, he has become a YouTube sensation. His podcast and other online activities have generated a large part of his income.

Gaines Fitness Business

Gaines has several other projects in addition to his fitness business. He has a podcast called Fresh and Fit, is an active social media user, and has a business that makes him a lot of money. In addition to these, he’s also a fitness instructor and dating coach. While Myron Gaines may not be a billionaire, his net worth is higher than many celebrities.

Gaines has a number of sources of income, including several YouTube videos, commercial endorsements, and advertisements. Despite the multi-faceted nature of his career, his work ethic has allowed him to achieve his net worth. His net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. However, it is unknown whether he is married or single.

YouTube Channel

His YouTube channel was originally created as a way to help men become better men. In addition to fitness and life coaching, Gaines has a popular podcast about masculinity. His content has received over one hundred thousand subscribers and is the number one mens podcast in the world. He has a close relationship with his listeners.


Gaines has an active Instagram account with over fifteen thousand followers. He has also added a link to his Linktree account in his Instagram bio. Additionally, his Fresh&Fit Podcast has a link to his merch. The social media accounts of this fitness and dating coach are popular with his thousands of followers.

Myron Gaines Age

Gaines is 35 years old and weighs seventy kilograms. He has an attractive and captivating appearance with a striking black hair and black eyes. His Youtube channel, Fresh and Fit, is very popular. Gaines has also gotten his share of controversy. He was banned from TikTok because of a few coated sexist statements. In addition, his YouTube channel and fitness website have a devoted following.

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