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Nabela Noor is an American actress who makes her fortune as a YouTube star. She was born in New York in 1991. Her parents migrated to the United States from Bangladesh when she was a child. She has two younger sisters and was raised in a devoted Muslim home. Her net worth has grown considerably since her debut in YouTube videos. 

Her successful ventures

Currently, Nabela Noor is 29 years old and running a successful Foundation after her name which is her main company.The entrepreneur has amassed a fortune through her various ventures. Her ventures include being a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and being a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. While she may be a relatively newcomer to the world of business, her popularity began when she was a makeup artist. She is also active on social media, where she posts videos and posts about her life.

Net worth

Noor’s net worth can be estimated by combining all her assets, possessions, and earnings from social media platforms. She is content with the income she earns from her job. The following table shows the estimated net worth of Nabela Noor. Listed below are some of her assets. Her total net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million by 2022. The exact figure of her net worth is not available, but her Instagram page and Facebook account are likely to be valued at millions of dollars.


In addition to her social media accounts, Nabela Noor is also a popular social media personality. Her self-titled YouTube channel has over one million subscribers, and she regularly posts DIY projects. She is also an author and has a children’s book called ‘Beautifully Me’. As she is still relatively new to the world of online media, her net worth is estimated to increase by leaps and bounds.

 Well- known book

After a successful career in fashion and film, Nabela Noor launched her first children’s book in 2021. Beautifully Me is about an underdog who realizes that society holds standards that are not suitable for her type of beauty. In addition, Noor has dedicated Beautifully Me to her future daughter. Her parents met in college and got married when she was sixteen. She has since moved to Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Personal life

Nabela Noor’s personal life is relatively private.  She has no children with her husband, Seth Martin. Nabela Noor’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. A recent Instagram post showed her buying a house and announcing that she is expecting her first child. Seth Martin is a YouTuber and co-founder of the Love and Noor YouTube channel.


Nabela Noor’s height and weight are unknown. She stands at 5.2 feet and 72 kg. She has black hair and dark brown eyes. She has five siblings and attended Pennsylvania State University. After she graduated from college, she continued her studies in Mexico. She married Seth Martin in 2015, but subsequently had a miscarriage. She hopes to have another child in the future. It would be a great accomplishment for her to get her dreams of becoming a star to come true.

Her clothing line and collaborations

As a fashion designer, Nabela has been successful in earning a great deal of money in collaboration with fashion companies. According to the Networth Idea website, Nabela is estimated to have a net worth of $4.5 million. Her clothing line Zeba is worth around $2 million. The line sells inclusive clothes and redefines beauty standards. The Nabela Noor net worth is estimated to rise significantly after her new venture Zeba, a clothing line she launched in June 2019. Saara & Begum, a fragrance candle brand, is a second business that carries a high price tag. Nabela Noor has a huge YouTube following. She recently teamed up with Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics to release a makeup kit celebrating her. In October, Nabela spoke at a CurvyCon event in New York and criticized bullying in the media. In addition, she criticized the exploitation of women’s bodies, and was a voice against it.


Nabeela Noor is a famous youtuber who earns a handsome amount through her millions of subscribers. Currently she is running many successful businesses in different fields. Her net worth is continuously increasing.

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