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Nas Daily is an Israeli-born online video content creator. His videos have gathered a large audience, especially among non-English speaking audiences. Nas Daily has also established several businesses, including a video production studio, Nas Studios, and a video academy. His estimated net worth is around $5 million. He received a full scholarship to Harvard University at the age of 19 to pursue his interest in computer science and economics. Nas Daily has also been active on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

His net worth has risen significantly since he started uploading his older videos to YouTube in 2019. Nas’ videos are shot using an SLR camera with an attached microphone, and are edited before they’re released. The average video takes six hours to film and three hours to edit. Nas Daily’s videos have been viewed over 500 million times. His videos are also subtitled in Hindi, Chinese, and Arabic.

Founded in 2016, Nas Daily is a social media phenomenon. The Israeli-Palestinian creator quit his job at Venmo to document his travels around the world. The videos have gained millions of followers, and Daily has made millions of dollars per month through a variety of platforms.

As of early January 2019, Nas Daily has earned over $2 million via a variety of online endeavors, including a YouTube channel. He also sells T-shirts and consults with individuals who create multimedia content. He also earns revenue from ads on Facebook. His aim is to establish his own studio after the completion of his 1,000-day journey. In the meantime, he wants to take a stake in other content creators so that he can earn a percentage of the profits.

Nas Daily was born in Arraba, Israel. His parents are Palestinian, but he identifies himself as an Israeli. His parents have never disclosed his ethnicity or siblings, but he has shared that they are psychologists. He is multilingual and speaks Hebrew, Arabic, and English. In addition, he is a Muslim. However, he does not practice religion. His net worth is estimated at $500 thousand.

Nas Daily has millions of followers on his Facebook page and more than 3 million on Instagram. His YouTube channel has over four million subscribers. Nas Daily is estimated to have $400,000-$500,000 in revenue each month in 2021. This revenue comes from ads and various projects. The company has 16 different pages and averages around 500 million views per month.

Nas Daily is owned by Nuseir Yassin, an Israeli born Arab video blogger who posts a video on Facebook every day. He also operates Nas Daily Corporation, a video production company. He makes $ 1.21 per thousand views on his youtube videos. In addition to his successful online business, Nas Daily also has a full time job working in software development at PayPal. The video content creator also has a full time college degree.

Before Nas Daily created Nas Daily, he was a successful software developer at PayPal and Venmo. While he loved the work, he was not satisfied with his life. He took a leap of faith and followed his passion. Today, he has earned millions of dollars.

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