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Known as one of the most popular Latin artists, Bad Bunny has a net worth estimated at around $18 million. He has been in the music industry for seven years, and has a large social media following. He is also one of the most charitable celebrities, having donated over $100 million to various charities. In fact, he has been featured in a number of popular music videos and movies, including Bullet Train with Brad Pitt and Narcos: Mexico. Throughout his career, he has earned money through his music, TV appearances, and merchandise. He has also been credited with helping the Puerto Rican community.

His music is known as “reggaeton”, which is a mix of reggae, rock, bachata, and other Latin styles. His songs have been streamed over 8 billion times. In fact, he has the highest number of streams of any artist worldwide. Currently, Bad Bunny earns $2 for every thousand listeners of his music.

His net worth is estimated to be between $18 and $20 million. He has invested in a number of expensive cars, including a Bugatti Chiron. He has also built a house in Miami, and he has a restaurant called Gekko. His most recent purchase is a BMW M4. It has a top speed of 180 mph, and a torque of 550 Nm.

He has also earned money from TV shows, and his music has been streamed over 8 billion times. Bad Bunny also owns a website that sells personalized merchandise. He also has a large social media following, with over 4.2 million followers on Twitter. The website offers merchandise ranging from $50 to $115. He also sells behind-the-scenes content for a fee.

During his first run, Bad Bunny sold over $500,000 in merch for WWE. The company also paid him well for his role as a supporting actor in a TV series. He has also performed at a number of shows, including the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January 2021. In addition, he has performed at the Super Bowl halftime show. His debut album has also helped him earn a sizable amount of money. He has a number of awards, including the first Grammy for a Latin artist.

Bad Bunny also has a number of endorsement deals, including a deal with Walmart and a contract with Ford. He has sold merchandise for various brands, including t-shirts and hats for WWE. He also sells behind-the-scenes content for his merchandise website. He is also known for his unique singing style. His songs have been streamed over 8 billion times, making him the world’s most streamed artist in 2020.

He has also made a number of appearances on television shows and has performed in different countries. His most popular single is “YHLQMDLG”. He also received a Grammy in 2020 for his album. He has sold over 8 million copies of his songs, including his most recent album. He has appeared on several shows, including Monday Raw and WWE. He has been trained at the WWE Performance Center.

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