Nikki Delventhal Net Worth


Nikki Delventhal is an internet personality and YouTube star who has over 1.5 million subscribers. She has racked up an impressive net worth, which Forbes estimates at $2 million. The majority of her income comes from her YouTube videos, which are largely sponsored by brands and companies. She has appeared on various television shows, including NBC’s “Today Show” and Good Morning America. Her net worth may be surprising to some, but it certainly is impressive.

Family background 

The American model and photographer was born in 1989 and started her YouTube career on 2 June 2009. She has three hundred and thirty thousand subscribers. Her father, Dan Delventhal, is the CEO of a carbon-neutral lawn-care company. Her sister, Shoshanna Raven, is an actress. She decided not to pursue a degree after high school. She currently lives in New York City. Her net worth is estimated at $250000.

Interesting information about Nikki

Nikki Delventhal net worth has increased due to her popularity on YouTube and social media. The content creator has traveled the world in her Toyota Prius car and made money by making YouTube videos. Delventhal, who is 33 years old, hails from Connecticut. Her parents, Dan and Cynthia, own a lawn-care company. She has two sisters and is a proud Capricorn. Her YouTube channel and blog have a combined audience of almost 10 million subscribers.

Fitness freak

The amount of money Nikki Delventhal earns can be seen from her career. Despite being a successful actress, Nikki is also an active fitness enthusiast and owns a YouTube channel. She has worked with numerous companies and brands including Perdue chicken and Pepsi. Nikki’s net worth is growing every year. It’s no secret that the young model is a hard working person with a great sense of humor.

Luxurious lifestyle 

The main source of her income is her YouTube channel. She also uses a Jackery power station to keep her car running. Her income comes from YouTube, Patreon support, and promotions. Her net worth may even rise if she continues to focus on her business and social media. This is a dream come true for Nikki Delventhal! She shares her experiences with others on her channel and on her website, and is determined to make it big.

Youtube Mystery


She got into YouTube because she was passionate about animals and wanted to help people. She uses her YouTube channel to teach people how to travel and empower others. Her vlog style resembles that of fellow YouTube stars Alexandria Tejas and Hannah Lee Duggan. She is also from a family that owns a carbon-neutral lawn care business. She works out of a portable kitchen in her car’s back seat.

Finishing of modeling career 

During her time in Australia, Nikki Dawson lived in a car and traveled around the country. During that time, she had an eating disorder and gained weight, which led to her losing modeling opportunities. Negative feedback from her clients ultimately led her to abandon her modeling career. Despite her rocky start, Nikki managed to earn a substantial net worth in less than two years. She traveled  the world, documenting her experiences and raking in millions of dollars.


Hardworks counts as well as luck too. Nikki Delventhal today is an internet sensation for many of her fans. Her net worth is increasing continuously which is a fruitful reward.

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