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Known for his portrayal of Samuel in the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly, Nyambi Nyambi is a Nigerian-American actor who is currently 40 years old. He was born in Norman, Oklahoma, USA on April 26, 1979, to Nigerian parents. He studied at Bucknell University and earned a master’s degree in acting at New York University.

Before his debut in the entertainment industry, Nyambi was a Division I basketball player at Bucknell University. He was also a health assistant at Oakton High School in Fairfax County, Virginia. He began his acting career as a minor character in an independent movie called Day Night Day Night in 2006.

Nyambi’s first major acting role came on the sitcom Law & Order in 2006. He made his debut on the season finale of Law & Order in 2006. He was also cast in the season opener of the legal drama, The Good Fight. In The Good Fight, he plays investigator Jay DiPersia. The show also airs on CBS All Access. In addition to his work on The Good Fight, Nyambi has also appeared in several films. He was in the cast of American Koko (2017) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2017). He has also appeared in the TV shows, Saint Janet (2014) and Blindspot (2018).

Nyambi is of Nigerian descent and has two sisters. His father is a senior pharmacist, and his mother is a health assistant. He was born in Oklahoma, USA and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. His parents were married for more than 40 years.

Nyambi Nyambi has never been married and has no girlfriends. He has a strong social media presence, with a large number of fans on Twitter and Instagram. His Instagram account has nearly 22k followers. His salary is estimated to be between $30 and $40 thousand a year, based on publicly available information.

He has appeared in several films, including the TV show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2007) and his feature film debut, Day Night Day Night (2006). He also appeared in the independent films William Vincent and The Tempest. In addition to acting, Nyambi is a screenwriter and a director. He has also appeared in many television shows, including Law & Order, The Good Fight, and The Sleepless. He has also played a role in the Lego DC Super-Villains movie.

Nyambi has a net worth of over $1.5 million. It is estimated that his primary source of income is his acting career. The rest of his income comes from his social media presence, which includes Instagram and Facebook. His estimated net worth is updated annually. However, it is possible that his income may vary a great deal from the figure listed here.

Nyambi is a devoted family man who is very close to his parents. He loves spending time with his parents, especially in his free time. He is also known to give valuable marriage advice to fans. Moreover, he also has a large following of fans who appreciate his dedication to his profession.

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