obi cubana net worth

Obi Cubana is an accomplished businessman with a net worth of $100 million. He is the founder and CEO of the Cubana group and is married to Ebele Iyiegbu, an attorney and humanitarian. The couple have four children together. In addition to a few investments in businesses, Obi Cubana is involved in several charitable causes. He has helped children get quality education. He also provides healthcare to many. His foundation also helps the needy.

Obi Cubana is one of the richest Igbo men in Nigeria. He is the head of the Cubana group, and has several other businesses. He is also a popular show promoter and entertainer. His wealth is substantial, and he owns several mansions in several cities across Nigeria. His homes include houses in Lagos, Abuja, and Imo state.

Obi Cubana was born in Anambra, Nigeria. He attended Dennis Memorial Grammar School, and later graduated from University of Nigeria Nsukka with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. After graduating from UNN, Obi opened his first club, known as ‘The Ibiza’, in Abuja. His club offers a variety of entertainment and parties.

Obi Cubana’s net worth is estimated at $8 billion. His philanthropic work has earned him an enviable reputation. His KIEK Foundation and the Cubana Group have received numerous awards and recognition in international magazines. His Cubana Group has several properties, including Hustle & Bustle nightclub and the Cubana Signature Hotel. He has also helped start several nonprofit organizations.

In addition to his business, Obi Cubana has a huge following on social media. His Instagram account boasts over 3.4 million followers. He is also active on Instagram, where he shares pictures of his family and luxurious cars. His net worth is impressive and he is working to expand his empire abroad. In 2020, he plans to launch a real estate company in Dubai. His ambition is to become one of the richest Nigerians ever.

Obi Cubana is a well-known businessman in Nigeria. He is married to Ebele Iyiegbu, a lawyer, and has four children together. Obi Cubana’s mother passed away in the year 2021, and his mother is buried in Oba, their ancestral home.

Obi Cubana is a prominent businessman and philanthropist in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He was born on April 12, 1975 and is the CEO of the Cubana Group. He is religious and considers himself God’s preferred son. Obi Cubana has several properties including luxury hotels and luxury cars.

The net worth of Obi Cubana is a big surprise for many Nigerians. He owns several luxury vehicles, including a Lexus LX, a Mercedes Benz 4matic S450, a Range Rover, and a Rolls Royce Phantom. He also owns a number of clubs in Nigeria.

Obi Cubana completed his primary and secondary school education in 1998. He later attended the University of Nigeria in Nsukka where he received his degree in Political Science. After graduation, he started a small business, which eventually became the Cubana group. It has since expanded across Nigeria, creating a brand that provides all-around entertainment satisfaction.

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