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Rafer Alston is an American basketball player. He played professionally from 2004 to 2012. After signing a multi-year contract with the Toronto Raptors, Alston never achieved the NBA consistency he desired. He is from Queens, New York. His parents are Richard and Geraldine Alston. His father was a heroin addict. Unfortunately, he had a difficult childhood.

Alston grew up in Queens, New York and has a home in Missouri, Texas. He played basketball in college for three years, and was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round. He later joined the D-League and played for the Los Angeles D-Fenders. His net worth is currently unknown.

Rafer Alston’s net worth has risen in recent years. His salary during his playing career with the Heats and Nets was over $4 million. He also makes his living as a scout for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He has also worked with many well-known companies, and is the founder of the RA Elite basketball program.

Rafer Alston’s net worth is hard to pinpoint, but his net worth is substantial. He won a number of awards for his achievements as a player, including two NBA championships. His success began when he played for the AND1 Mixtape Tour in 1999. He then went on to play for six different NBA teams. In addition to his time with the Toronto Raptors, Rafer Alston has also played for several European and Asian leagues.

Rafer Alston’s NBA career started off slowly, but eventually he made the transition from street ball to the professional game. In 2004, Alston made the game-winning shot against the Dallas Mavericks in overtime. In 2004, Alston signed a multi-year deal with the Toronto Raptors and began averaging 12 points and four assists in games. Eventually, he was traded to the Houston Rockets for guard Mike James.

Rafer Alston was born on July 24, 1976. He is 73′ tall and weighs 169 pounds. Rafer Alston has a healthy diet and regular exercise. He was drafted into the NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round. He spent a lot of time playing on the bench in the NBA, but he eventually became a star.

Rafer Alston is now a respected NBA scout, earning a good income from endorsements from recognizable companies. He also directs a basketball video game called RA Elite Basketball 2027. He married Ashely Walker in 2012, a former basketball player. In addition, he is a motivational speaker and personal trainer. He is also very active in his neighborhood. He loves volunteering for charity work.

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