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Red Gerard net worth is unknown, but he is a rising snowboarding sensation from Colorado. His recent Gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics is a testament to his incredible talent. Although he is still a teenager, he has already been a professional snowboarder for longer than you might think. Red has been involved in various major events, such as the Olympics and he has gained the attention of many sponsors and brands.

Red Gerard net worth is around $1 million as of 2018. He is already making waves in the snowboarding world after winning the gold medal in the slopestyle event at the 2018 Winter Olympics. His success has earned him sponsors such as Red Bull and outerwear brand Burton. In the future, his net worth is expected to increase further.

In addition to his snowboarding talent, Gerard has a strong passion for snowboarding. Over the past four years, he has taken a leadership role in snowboarding, becoming involved in movies and trying to encourage more children to learn the sport. He has also been involved in building small beginner terrain parks at more ski resorts. One of his backyard parks in Silverthorne is modeled after his own.

Red Gerard was born on June 29, 2000, and is an American citizen. His parents are Conrad and Jen Gerard. He has no children and has never been married. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He is currently engaged to Hailey Langland. His net worth is around $1 million, and he has been involved in numerous sports and other activities.

In addition to his snowboarding career, Gerard’s family has also been involved in several other businesses. His older sister Tieghan is a food blogger with more than 4 million followers and has written a New York Times bestselling cookbook. His younger brother Malachi is a freelance filmmaker. He has produced videos for Tieghan’s blog and filmed his brother snowboarding. Malachi has often accompanied Red to compete.

Despite being young, Gerard has achieved success by winning gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics. He is also the youngest snowboarder to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics since 1928. He has continued to stay at the top of the slopestyle podium since then. He also recently won the Dew Tour Copper Mountain, an international competition.

Gerard has also been mentioned as a firefighter, which he said would be “sweet.” His current hobby is eating burritos. Chipotle even offered him 87 free burritos for winning a gold medal. Gerard also likes skateboarding and golf.

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