ron meis net worth

Sylvie Meis is a well-known Dutch model with over two million followers on her social media profiles. She started modeling at the age of 18 and has worked with many Dutch brands. She then moved to Germany, where she works on a variety of television shows. Her net worth is estimated to be $10 million USD.

Meis was born in Breda, Netherlands, on April 13, 1978. She has a brother named Daniel and is of Dutch-Indonesian descent. Her mother is Belgian, and her father is Dutch. She is married to artist Niclas Castillo, and previously had a relationship with footballer Rafael van der Vaart.

Meis’s net worth is estimated by taking into account a number of social factors. It may differ significantly from her actual income. She is a mother of two children and lived in France until she got married in 2015. She is a successful actor and has earned millions of dollars from his career.

Meis’s son Damian Rafael van der Vaart was born on May 28, 2006. Their marriage caused a lot of media attention, as they were referred to as the “new Beckhams”. However, Meis and Rafael were able to keep their relationship secret, and welcomed their baby boy in 2006. However, the scandal surrounding the couple was not long after the marriage. In 2010, Sylvie Meis admitted to cheating on her husband.

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