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Sabrina Peterson is a successful entrepreneur and mother who has a net worth of $2.5 million. She is married to rapper Lil Meech and has one son. They never publicly disclosed who the child’s father was. They married in 2012 and have one son, Lil Meech. Neither of them have ever been seen on an episode of the show.

Sabrina Peterson has been an entrepreneur and businesswoman for the past five years. She has a history of creating businesses for women and is the CEO of GirlPower Holdings Umbrella. Her other companies include GlamUApps, Pretty High, Gets Focused, and Girls for Girls.

Sabrina Peterson has built her net worth through a successful business. She owns a hemp farm company called Pretty High Co, which sells CBD tea and hemp flowers. Her products have been featured in several prominent magazines, including Forbes, Black Enterprise, and Essence. Peterson also serves as CEO of GlamUApps, a company that develops beauty and lifestyle applications. Her net worth is estimated to be at least $500 thousand.

Sabrina Peterson is a multi-faceted businesswoman and author. She has been featured in Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, Essence, and Forbes. Her net worth is one of the most mysterious figures in the entertainment industry. Sabrina’s net worth has fluctuated from time to time, but she is still well-worth over $10 million.

Sabrina Peterson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She has one son. Peterson is a successful entrepreneur. She owns two businesses, Glam University and GirlPower Holdings Umbrella. She is also the CEO of the Glam University online school.

Peterson is married to Alberto Ferreres, an entrepreneur. Their net worth is estimated to be between $13 million and $20 million. They live in New York. Sabrina Peterson’s net worth is hard to determine as there is no information on her age on the web.

Peterson’s net worth comes from her successful business ventures. She made her net worth by launching the Glam University, a website where women can learn the business skills they need to succeed. Her company has a high-profile social impact program that teaches women how to run a business.

Sabrina is married, but she has not yet revealed details of her relationship. Sabrina has been involved in various legal battles over the years. While she has been a successful businesswoman, she has also struggled to become the CEO of Glam University. Despite this, her net worth remains undiminished.

Sabrina Peterson is also a mother of a nine-year-old boy named Demetrius Flenory. Though Peterson did not appear in the episodes of Black Mafia Family, her son’s father has remained a constant presence in her life. She has never publicly stated that Big Meech was her boyfriend. Her relationship with Big Meech never reached the stage where she could have conceived a child.

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