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He was born in Cuba, Sal Magluta grew up in Miami, Florida. In high school, he was active in dealing drugs and met Willy Falcon. He dropped out of college in the late ’70s, and he and Willie became partners in selling drugs for cash. They later became experts in the field and moved more than 75 tons of cocaine to the United States. Both Sal and Willie were credited with bringing in millions of dollars through drug trafficking and helping the urban community.


Sal Magluta has earned enormous money through his numerous business ventures, including real estate and a variety of other ventures. He also enjoyed a comfortable life as a businessman and lived in a mansion. According to some estimates, his net worth is between $400 and USD 500 million. However, his net worth could be even higher. He has since moved out of his mansion and is studying greed to increase his earnings.


As part of his career, Magluta helped establish one of the largest drug smuggling organizations in the United States. He also managed to free his friend Jorge Valdes, who was convicted of smuggling 30 pounds of cocaine. Although he had to spend years in jail, he was found innocent. He also paid bribes to powerful people in the system.

The first arrest of Sal Magluta took place in 1979. His lawyer extended his sentence for nearly a decade. In the meantime, Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon created the largest cocaine smuggling organization on the East Coast, earning almost $2 billion. As a result of these crimes, Magluta’s wealth has plummeted and his assets have frozen. As a result of his conviction, his wealth has plummeted. He and Falcon earned nearly $2 billion through their drug trade. Their drug business provided services to many urban areas.

Love affairs

Before he became famous, Sal Magluta had an affair with Marilyn Bonachea, a pastry chef at his family’s bakery. Marilyn was his lover and they married in 1979. In 1991, Sal Magluta was arrested and convicted of trafficking cocaine. The judge sentenced him to nine years in federal prison and 205 years in jail. Meanwhile, Magluta continued to conduct his drug business even from prison. In the course of his time in prison, Marilyn Bonachea helped authorities catch her husband.

Social life

Although Sal Magluta’s social media presence is minimal, he has two Instagram accounts. In addition to his professional life, he has two children. The two parents have not revealed the amount of their net worth.

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