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Salil Zaveri is a well-known consultant from Puerto Rico. He began his career at Northwestern Mutual in 1978 and was later promoted to senior vice president. Afterwards, he worked at MetLife until 1999 and then moved to Puerto Rico with his family. He now works as a sales consultant and runs Zaveri Consulting, LLC.

In addition to his insurance business, Zaveri is involved in a number of other ventures. He once lived on Long Island but now resides in Puerto Rico. His net worth is a reflection of his many successful ventures. While he has amassed a large fortune, he remains modest and enjoys a low-key lifestyle.

The incident in 2021 that led to his arrest for animal cruelty was caught on video and resulted in a $60,000 fine. In addition, Zaveri was banned from golf for a year. However, his legal problems have not affected his business. As a result, his net worth continues to grow.

During the 1970s, Salil Zaveri worked for MetLife and Northwestern Mutual as an insurance agent. After working for these companies for a few years, he went on to create his own company, Zaveri Consulting LLC, which offers insurance and trade consulting services. His net worth is substantial, especially when compared to many of his contemporaries.

Salil Zaveri’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million in 2022. His wealth is mostly due to his extensive experience in insurance sales and marketing. He has been on the board of several high-profile acquisitions and has also been involved in several venture capital deals. However, his net worth is likely to grow much higher in the next few years.

Salil Zaveri is an Indian businessman who lives in Puerto Rico. He started his career in the insurance industry at 18 and quickly rose through the ranks. He now has a team of over 100 employees in the United States and the Caribbean. Zaveri has a video explaining his consulting services.

Salil Zaveri has a high net worth and is the CEO of Zaveri Consulting LLC. He has spent more than 40 years in the business world, and has a wealth of experience in marketing and sales. He was born in Mumbai, India, in 1960. He subsequently moved to Puerto Rico in 2015.

While acting as an advocate for the government of Puerto Rico, Salil Zaveri has benefited from the attractive tax laws of the commonwealth. Act 22 provides tax breaks for investors in the commonwealth. He is currently based in Puerto Rico, but also serves clients in the US. His services include sales, insurance, and fundraising.

In May 2021, Zaveri was playing golf in Puerto Rico when he came into conflict with a dog. The dog was roaming the course in order to control the iguana population. He was shot twice while on the 17th hole, but continued playing on the 18th hole. He then shot the dog a second time using a 9mm pistol.

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