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The net worth of Stephen Root is estimated to be around $6 million. This amount is made up of his assets and income from his career as an actor. In addition to his acting, Root also has various endorsement deals. His earnings make him one of the richest actors in the world. Below, you will discover his personal details.

He has received several awards and nominations for his work, including Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and Best Ensemble Cast. The actor has also appeared in three Best Picture Academy Awards, including the Oscar-winning Ghost. His character in Office Space is so popular that fans even send staplers to him! He also appeared in the trailer for White Oleander (2002). The trailer includes some of his scenes.

Root’s early career was in theater, with a role in So Long on Lonely Street. He also appeared in several television shows across various genres. In 1990, he played the role of Klingon Captain K’Vada in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He later starred in a television series, Night Court, as Mr. Willard.

His parents are Rolland Clair Root and Leona Estelle Root. His father is a construction manager. His mother is a retired lawyer. Root has no siblings. He is a lean man, with an average linear height of 5 feet 8 inches, and an approximate body stature of 1.75 meters. His weight is not yet known, but it is estimated to be between average and medium.

In addition to acting, Root has also made an impressive amount of money through voice-overs. He has a notable net worth, which is higher than that of most other actors. His success has led to roles in several movies and he has millions of fans around the world. His net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

The actor received his education from the University of Florida, where he earned his AA degree and BFA. He was named one of the school’s most unique alumni. He also earned a BFA certificate from the University of Miami. Though he has become an international celebrity, Root remains humble and modest despite his huge fan base.

As an actor, Root has earned more than $1 million a year. He gained this wealth through his many successful roles in both movies and television shows. Some of his most successful roles include the role of Jimmy James in NewsRadio. He has also played Milton Waddams in Office Space. He has also had several guest roles in movies and television series.

The actor is married to Romy Rosemont, who is also an actor. The couple has one son together – Cody. They have also been married since December 14, 2008. Romy Rosemont has appeared in more than 150 films and television shows. She played Carole Hudson on the hit TV show “Glee”. The couple adopted a small dog named Archie from the Los Angeles Dog Rescue.

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