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If you’re looking for a Steve Moy Biography, you should know that he was born in Thailand to American parents and grew up in an environment where marriages were healthy and happy. Steven Moy was born in the 1980s and will turn 38 years old in 2022. As of 2022, Steven Moy is expected to turn 38 years old.


As a television star, Steve Moy has built a stable career and has made many millions. He has been involved in numerous productions including Married at First Sight and The Bachelor. The latest season of Married, At First Sight, starred Steven Moy. The show is created by the FYI and Lifetime networks. His role as the new cast member is expected to air in 2022.

Several of us have wondered about the net worth of Steve Moy. The software developer and engineer have been in the public eye for his coding skills and YouTube videos. However, not many people are aware of his work history. Before launching his YouTube channel, Steve was employed by Experian Data Quality. His job included presenting his products, discussing technical requirements, writing SOWs, and educating sales personnel. Before his recent layoff, Steve Moy had been looking for work for almost two years. Although the time off he had during his layoff process had helped him grow as a person and a partner, this could cause a problem with Noi’s need for stability.

Steve Moy was a Sales Engineer before pandemic 2020 hit the country. After being laid off from his job for nearly two years, he was still looking for work. He claimed that time off from work helped him develop as a person, and made him a better partner. The problem with this approach to sex is that it may complicate his relationship with Noi. However, this is one of the reasons why he’s not working full time.

Financial situation 

There are several theories about Steve’s financial situation. Some fans claim that Steve has enough money from his previous corporate job that he doesn’t need to look for another job. Alternatively, others have posited that he is secretly rich and not disclosing his true financial status to Noi. However, there are no details about Steve’s net worth on the internet at this time. As the net worth of Steve Moy continues to rise, fans are eager to find out more about him.

Social media

Despite keeping his records secretive, he has a decent following on Instagram. He has a private Instagram account with 945 followers. He is one of the few celebrities with a Twitter account but has not posted anything since 2012.

He was reportedly spoiled by previous relationships and now hopes to find his perfect partner on MAFS. Although it took him a few seasons to land a suitable partner, he was lucky enough to get Noi as his life partner. During their initial date, she was prone to falling in love freely.


On July 10, 2017, Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak announced their separation from each other. The couple reportedly had disagreements about communication, and the latter refused to understand Steve Moy’s unconventional work choices. The couple’s relationship looked to be going strong during the season’s reunion, but the couple’s split was not entirely unexpected. The couple blamed each other for the split and later shared photos of their attempts to save the marriage on social media.

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