sunil puri net worth

Sunil Puri is an Indian entrepreneur who has a net worth of $450 million. His company, Purico, makes about PS600 million per year and donates half of its revenue to support 2,300 schools in India and Nepal. He is also active in philanthropy, supporting Water for Dignity, which provides clean water to the poor in some of India’s most deserted regions.

Sunil Puri was born in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. He began his career in the early 1980s, playing supporting roles, before being cast in the lead role of the Hindi film Godfather (1990). Since then, his career has been marked by critically acclaimed performances. In addition to acting, Sunil Puri has launched his own production company, which has produced several hit films. He is also a successful businessman in India, and the founder of One97 Communications Limited.

As CEO of the First Midwest Group, Puri has built a multibillion-dollar empire, including a chain of truck stops and several commercial buildings in Illinois. The company has also completed development projects in Florida and California. While his net worth is substantial, he has also been known to donate large amounts of his time and money to charities.

Puri’s compensation package includes perquisites and benefits worth approximately Rs 15 lakh per year. In 2018, he earned around Rs 6.16 crore. He is also Chairman of the ITC Board of Directors and serves on the Executive Council of the Indian Society of Advertisers. He also holds many other business positions in India and abroad.

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