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Suraj Nambiar has an estimated net worth of millions of dollars. The actor was born in India and raised in Banglore. He and his family have been living in Dubai since 2015. He has a brother who is the CEO of an event management company in Pune. Nambiar’s wife, Mouni Nambiar, is 36 years old and they have two daughters.

Suraj Nambiar was born on August 6, 1991, and is a Leo. He grew up in Bangalore, but currently resides in Dubai, UAE. His parents are well-established businessmen and his mother is a popular singer. The family has a combined net worth of around $2 million. He is married to Mouni Roy and has one brother who is a Co-Founder of Voorpret.

After completing his studies in India, Suraj Nambiar relocated to the United Arab Emirates. He joined the real estate business in Dubai as an Assistant Analyst and was later promoted to Director, Head of Capital Markets UAE. He enjoys reading, traveling, and playing with his dog. His biography reveals that he has traveled all over the world.

Suraj Nambiar’s net worth is estimated at approximately $6 million. He currently lives in Dubai with his family. His father owns an event management company and his mother is an accomplished singer. His sister is a famous Bollywood actress, linked to actor Mouni Roy. The family also owns several properties in Dubai.

Suraj Nambiar has multiple sources of income and enjoys a luxurious home in Dubai. He also owns several branded cars. His red Lamborghini car is often seen in pictures on social media. However, the actor doesn’t like to brag about his fortune, preferring to work hard and earn the money.

In addition to his career, Suraj Nambiar is an avid sportsman. He was born in India and is a graduate of R. V. College of Engineering. He later completed further studies at the London School of Economics. He then relocated to the United States. He is engaged to Mouni Roy but has not yet married her.

Suraj Nambiar’s wife, Mouni Roy, is an actress. Suraj Nambiar’s net worth is estimated at $80 million. The couple is expected to get married in Goa in 2022. Currently, the couple is based in Dubai.

Suraj’s professional background includes a varied mix of investments. His education included finance, management, and microeconomics. He has extensive experience in the finance industry. After earning his B.Tech degree, he worked for a number of companies. He also became an intern at Ashoka India in 2012.

Suraj Nambiar has been in Dubai for over two years. In the UAE, he is currently working as a chief executive of a company. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts and is the head of the company’s Capital Markets.

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