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Nepola is the president of Current Capital Group, a company focused on real estate development and leasing. He has extensive business experience in investment banking and comes from three generations of real estate investors. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 1994 and began his career in investment banking. He subsequently acquired many properties and eventually started his own company. 

Todd Nepola has an estimated net worth of $10 million. His real estate business, Current Capital Group, focuses on turn of events and private land rental. Nepola has three generations of real estate investors, and he started his own business after graduating from the University of South Florida. 


Despite his success in the real estate industry, Nepola has kept his net worth fairly low. During his early years in investment banking, he began acquiring and developing real estate. He subsequently formed his own company, which is his main source of income. While he earned most of his net worth in this capacity, he also has several other sources of income. In addition to his real estate company, Nepola is also the founder of a real estate group.


In addition to his real estate business, he has a healthy family and has spent a lot of time with his family. His two daughters, Gabi and Sophia, are the reason behind his success. He and Sophia married in 2004, and have two children. He is also an active triathlete, finishing the Ironman triathlon. They were married in St. Barths, but do not share details about their relationship. Nepola has been a supporting character on RHOC since Season 3 and is heavily featured in the trailer for Season 4.

His wife Alexia Echevarria has a $3 million net worth. She owns a beauty salon, so she is a huge source of income. They enjoy travelling together and vacationing in exotic locations. They are also active in charity organizations in Miami. Regardless of their net worth, Todd Nepola and Alexia Echevarria have a lot of fun together.

Social media

Nepola is a prolific Instagram user with several posts a day. His Instagram profile contains pictures of his daughters. Nepola also has a Twitter account, named @lifeaccordingtotodd.

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