Vicente Saavedra net worth


Born in Puerto Rico, Vicente Saavedra is a musician, entrepreneur, and talent agent. He has worked with many prominent artists and is now managing Ozuna’s career. Vicente Saavedra also owns his record label, Dimelo Vi, and has worked with artists like Young Iverson, Ozuna, and Yung Joong Ki-Duk. Saavedra has even been spotted with political figure Ricardo Rossello.

Vicente Saavedra began his career in 1992 as a record producer. He worked with groups such as Buddha’s Family and White Lion Records. In 2012, he was named Ozuna’s music agent. Through this role, he helped the young rapper get his first hit single. His love life started three years ago when he met Clarissa Molina during the recording of “Que Leon.” The two were reunited at the Premios Soberano awards in 2017.


A millionaire deal signed with Sony Music Latin is another sign of Vicente’s wealth. The deal will include distribution rights for all of the artists represented by Saavedra’s agencies. The deal will be launched with Ozuna’s Odisea album. A deal like this makes Vicente an important figure in the industry, and one that can help him earn a fortune. The entrepreneur’s success is not limited to working with musicians in Latin America. He has also worked with several major urban artists, including Yovng Iverson and Venezuelan singer Zhamira Zambrano.

Personal life

He has been promoting inspirational music on Instagram for over two years. His wife has a net worth of $1.1 million, based on estimated YouTube advertising revenue. However, her net worth is still under review.

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