wes atamian net worth

Wes Atamian is the husband of the late Boston meteorologist Mish Michaels. Michaels passed away at the age of 53 in March of 2022. The couple has one daughter, Nalina, who is nine years old. Wes Atamian is also the owner of a food and beverage manufacturing business in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Wesley Atamian is an American businessman who owns Home Market Foods, which is a leading producer of fully cooked meat-based prepared foods. The company serves both retail and foodservice customers. Founded in 1996, Home Market is headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts. Its brands include Cooked Perfect, RollerBites, and Bahama Mama.

Wes Atamian has been married to Mish Michaels for seven years. They have two children together. In 2009, Mish announced that she had landed a job with WGBH. She has been outspoken about the link between vaccines and autism, and she has denied that man-made climate change is real. However, she later backed off on both of these claims on her own website.

Mish Michaels, a broadcast meteorologist, died on March 16, 2022. She was 53 years old and had two children. Mish Michaels was a famous on-air meteorologist who worked for WBZ-TV and the Weather Channel. Her death sparked outpouring of tributes and speculations on her death.

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