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Yosef Hendler is a successful actor and singer from the United States. He is known for starring on the hit Netflix series Unorthodox. His next project will be a new TV show called My Unorthodox Life, which will debut on July 14, 2021. He will play the role of Julia Haart’s ex-husband in the series.

Hendler is married to Julia Haart, a well-known fashion designer and author. The couple has four children. They separated in December 2018, after twenty-three years of marriage. Julia has been an executive at the Elite World Group and a creative director for e1972. She also is the founder of her own shoe company. Yosef Hendler’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

The ex-husband of Julia Haart has been in the media recently due to their new Netflix original show, “My Unorthodox Life.” Yosef is a Jewish man, and is very understanding of his children. He was born on April 20, 1966, into a strict Jewish household. He spent his childhood in Palm Beach County. He and Julia were married in 1997.

In addition to his booming career, Yosef is also a father to three children. The eldest daughter, Batsheva, recently got married at the age of 19, while the youngest son, Shlomo, is still pursuing his degree.

Yosef has been recognized for his progressiveness toward children, and his relationship with his children has been praised as well. He keeps in touch with his wife, Julia, and their children. Although he is not known to be very active on social media, he regularly appears in pictures of his children.

Yosef Hendler’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $7 million. His current relationship is with Aliza Schulhoff. They are engaged to be married in the near future. He was previously married to Julia Haart, and the couple had four children together. In addition to his previous relationship with Julia, Yosef was also dating Aliza Schulhoff. The couple are currently planning a wedding.

Hendler’s family is equally impressive. His children include Batsheva, a fashion blogger and social media influencer, and Shlomo, a lawyer. Julia Hendler’s other children include Shlomo, a lawyer, and Miriam, an app designer. Miriam is also outspoken about being bisexual.

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